Strength for the Journey

Relying on God in our strange trip with Mitochondrial Disease

My firstborn is me

My firstborn is me
in a slightly different form.
Her mood swings and
impatience used to be my norm.

I look at her and see myself
reflected long ago
and wonder what she understands,
how could she ever know?

My firstborn, mini-me
smiling, filled with pride
demonstrating knew-found knowledge
wanting me by her side.

I know that things will change,
as she rails against my rules,
I only hope she’ll always know
that I’m nobody’s fool.

I’ll do my best to help her know
just where she needs to turn
I’ll point her towards our God above
and pray that she will learn.

Although she is my mini-me,
I also know it’s true
that she is she; she is not me
she’ll find her own way through.

She’ll make her own decisions.
She’ll make her own mistakes,
and when she’s grown, I’m confident
that she’ll have what it takes.



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3 thoughts on “My firstborn is me

  1. Karen on said:

    Beautiful, and so true. I see so much of you in Tracey it isn’t even funny. Has she sat on any doghouses lately? (Oops, sorry! I’m supposed to retire that story!)

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