Strength for the Journey

Relying on God in our strange trip with Mitochondrial Disease

Happy New Year

So, 2012 is history, and we’ve been given the gift of a new year filled with 365 pages to write on.

What will you do with your time?

I stopped making resolutions a few years back.  I never followed through, so what was the point?  They were always vague, easily fudge-able things anyway.

I want this year to be different.

In 2013 I want to become more present in the moment, more aware of what God is presenting to me in the here and now.  Too much of my time is often spent in planning other things or distracted and worried while not appreciating the blessings God is setting before me right now.

In 2013 I plan to read my Bible every day.  It should be a little easier to stay on track with this, since our whole congregation will be reading through a daily Bible together.  Daily communion with God is important to helping me to achieve goal number one.

In 2013 I want to take better care of myself.  I spend so much time taking care of others, that I most often neglect myself.    I’m going to spend time this year finding out what works best for me and doing what works.  Taking time for myself has to become more of a priority.  Following through with steps one and two should lead to a better awareness of how God expects me to care for myself so that I am able to care for others.

Finally, in 2013 I want to improve my writing skills and blog more consistently; at least twice per week.

So, are you making any resolutions this year?
Use your time wisely…. May God bless it richly!


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