Strength for the Journey

Relying on God in our strange trip with Mitochondrial Disease

One more medication….

Following my pattern of once a month blogging, I find myself here again.

This week Erin had an EEG done.  This was in response to some episodes at school that the teacher was concerned might be seizures.

Good eye Miss K.  Seizures it is.  Which means….

One more medication.  That’s all.

Once I got over my initial freak out, I realized that this doesn’t really change anything, it only adds one more medication to her routine.

Her seizures aren’t the stereotypical fall down and shake all over kind.  They’re more subtle than that and involve staring or stiffening up.

And yet again I counted my blessings.  Thankful that I’m able to be home to take her to her multiple doctor visits.  Thankful that medication exists to control seizures.  Thankful that the seizures aren’t worse.  Thankful that the teacher cared enough to say something.  Thankful that I don’t have to drive to Indianapolis for this doctor visit.

I’ve truly been granted a special blessing in this little girl who helps me to slow down and appreciate the little things and the small achievements.  And as we take this next step in our unexpected journey into disability, I find myself not frightened, but thankful.  I’m blessed with an awesome husband who walks with me down this road,  wonderful family and friends who support us in so many ways, and above all, a God who will never leave us or forsake us.282


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3 thoughts on “One more medication….

  1. Melissa on said:

    Amen! Love you Dawn!

  2. Jennifer Beckham on said:

    Welcome to the club, Miss Erin! Avery and I want you to know that it isn’t all that scary, as long as you have friends and family who love you and look out for you. I hope the med takes care of them easily. ❤ to you and your family! :o)

  3. I love that you always see the silver lining. Merry Christmas!

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