Strength for the Journey

Relying on God in our strange trip with Mitochondrial Disease

Thankful today….

Another reminder that there is always someone whose burden is greater than mine….

Today a mom struck up a conversation with me at Tracey’s self defense class.  She was looking sweetly at Erin who had to come with me along with Thomas.  She asked how old Erin was.  It was a little difficult to understand her because we were trying to be quiet during class and English did not appear to be her first language.

She showed me pictures of her daughter, who was also 5 and also had special needs. I asked where she went to school, and it was the same school as Erin, but a different teacher.

I watched her watching Erin with an odd look on her face.

Slowly dawned on me what she was trying to say and it made me so sad.

“One month ago,” she said.  Her daughter died one month ago.

I tried to speak words of compassion, of comfort; but being a stranger, there was little I could really offer.  So I said a little prayer, that God will bring her comfort as only He is able, and squeezed my kids a little tighter.


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2 thoughts on “Thankful today….

  1. Wow! How difficult that must have been. I’ll say a little prayer for her, and for all the people with burdens to bear. Love you!

  2. Man, stories like that leave me breathless.

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