Strength for the Journey

Relying on God in our strange trip with Mitochondrial Disease

Random thoughts…

On beautiful autumn days like today I try to calm my mind and enjoy God’s creation.

It’s difficult.  Not just because I have a busy toddler and all of the things that fill a daily life.  Not even because I have a special needs daughter to throw extra things into the schedule.

No, it’s because I get distracted.  It’s so hard to follow the scripture that says “Be still and know that I AM God.”

I don’t believe it’s adult ADD.  I believe it’s the work of Satan.  The older I get, the more I believe that distraction is a primary tool for Satan among we in the ‘first world.’  Distractions keep us busy, and busyness keeps us from focusing on the important things in life.

Being still in our culture takes effort.  It takes practice.  It doesn’t come naturally.

Just ask Tracey.  She can hardly be still for any amount of time.  And how is she going to learn if she doesn’t see me practicing it?

So I make an effort.  Some days are more successful than others, but what I want Tracey to see is that it isn’t our doing things perfectly that is pleasing to God, it is the effort of a sincere heart.  I have to listen for his voice every day, even through all of the things that try to drown Him out.

So today, be sure that you take some time to be still.  God will bless you for it!


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