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A Perfect Mothers Day would be…

With Mothers Day approaching I’ve thought about what I would love to have, as well as what I would love to give to my own mother for the occasion.

When we were going through all of the testing for Erin, and I was wondering what we were going to do, my mom was there and she kept saying, “we’re just gonna love her.  Whatever it is, we’re just gonna love her.”  She has been so supportive over the years, and I wish I could do something like treat her to a spa day.  She deserves a special day like that.

My own perfect Mothers Day is a dream.  It would begin with my kids climbing into bed with me to sing me awake.  All of them… Erin included.  Then we would come down to a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs and potatoes o’brien fixed by my wonderful chef of a husband.  We would all enjoy the food… Erin too.  We would go to church and worship God with no whining, no screaming, and no throwing up.  Afterward, we would enjoy a lunch out followed by a lazy afternoon of naps and playing together.

I doesn’t take much to make me happy.  No need for fancy jewelry or expensive trips.  Just my husband’s smile and my children’s voices.  All of them… Erin too.


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5 thoughts on “A Perfect Mothers Day would be…

  1. Hope your Mother’s day is sprinkled with some of your hopes!

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s 🙂

  2. Your mother’s day does sound absolutely perfect. =)

  3. My mom has been my biggest supporter too…and Olivia’s. I’d love to do a spa day for her too. I am also happiest when I’m with my famlly too.

  4. I love to hear someone love there family and be the happiest with just them. Thank you for stopping by my blog last Thurs. I really appreciated your kind comment. I think just telling your mom or perhaps showing her this blog would be a great mom’s day gift. Have a blessed week.

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