Strength for the Journey

Relying on God in our strange trip with Mitochondrial Disease

My North Star….

Time for the weekly writing prompt…

“Where would your “north star” lead you if you had the means to follow it?”

I had to think: what is my North Star?  I thought about my life.

I have a family I love and who loves me.

I have a roof over my head and food in my belly.

But many days I just feel like I’m getting by.  I would love to not have to worry about working to support our family.  I would love to have the money to take the whole family to Disney World (ok, maybe Erin might feel better not being among the crowds so much).

But we can visit the zoo…..and play in the park….

I can take Erin to her therapy….

and chase around this munchkin….

You see, I believe God is my North Star, and He provides the means to place me where he wants me for now.  That may change, but looking back, I can see so clearly how my North Star has led me right where I need to be.  All I need to do is keep my eyes on Him, and He will always guide me home.





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2 thoughts on “My North Star….

  1. Again, I love reading your blog:)Hope you are doing well:) Leann

  2. mmm… that conclusion. Such peace and assurance. The kiddos are so cute!

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