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I’ve had my share of bad neighbors over the years.

Growing up we once had some new neighbors move in next door who must have come from ‘the hood’ because the 2 girls were always telling us to stay off their ‘turf’!  These same girls had a bedroom that overlooked our kitchen,   and somehow got the idea that it was really funny to hang out the window and make faces at us as we were trying to eat supper.  My mom solved that problem by putting frosted contact paper over that window.  🙂

When I moved into an apartment with a friend, we had one neighbor who would regularly wake me in the middle of the night with their ‘bedroom noises’, and another who grossed us out with chain smoking that we could smell through the doors.

Later on, I had my own apartment.  Here I had pretty decent neighbors, but one in particular would bang on my wall if my TV got too loud.  I think this is when I got into the habit of watching TV with the closed captions on.  I still do to this day!

When Tom and I married we moved into the house we are in now.  The neighbor to our south is fairly quiet, except for the one summer he had a girlfriend who had a mean streak.  Either that or she was just stupid.  The neighbors to our north at the time had a pit bull, and this gal delighted in whistling at that dog and making him bark.  Yeah, real smart!

The house to our north is a rental, and we have had some interesting people there through the years.  The summer after Tracey was born we had guys I referred to as the frat boys.  They had frequent, loud parties with lots of beer.  Around the fourth of July I watched as one of them shot off bottle rockets he was holding IN HIS HAND.  Genius!  I think these were the same yahoos who thought it would be cool to have the satellite dish attached to a picnic table in their FRONT yard.

The current occupants of this house aren’t too bad, if you can overlook their yippy dog who barks at anything that moves, and the fact that she is foul-mouthed person willing to throw rocks at a dog who strays into her yard.

I look forward to the day that I can afford a home in the country where I can have a little breathing room from my neighbors.  🙂



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One thought on “Neighbors

  1. Karen on said:

    A satellite dish on a picnic table… classy! We will be having new neighbors moving next door in a few weeks. We know they will never be as good as our dear neighbor who is downsizing and moving to be closer to her kids, so we are praying they are decent, quiet folks who don’t mind a black labrador who barks at all “intruders”!

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