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Relying on God in our strange trip with Mitochondrial Disease

She laughed!

I was reading Green Eggs and Ham to Erin and she laughed!

I was so excited!

So many times I just don’t even know how much she is aware of what is happening around her.  She seems closed off in her own little world.  She startles at unexpected noises, but fails a regular hearing test because she has no interest in the tones that they are playing and won’t turn towards the sound.

I will call her name and get little response. Sometimes she’ll smile, but more often she just continues with whatever activity she’s into.

So for her to respond to that; I was so happy!  Dr. Seuss will definitely have a future place in our before bed routine 🙂



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2 thoughts on “She laughed!

  1. I remember vividly the first time Olivia laughed at something…not just b/c we were laughing or tickling her…really laughing b/c she thought something was funny. I’ll never forget it! Lucky for you it’s Dr. Seuss…how wonderful!!!

  2. I can’t remember the 1st time Avery reacted like that, but my favorite times that Avery laughs is when he’s asleep! I just smile and know that he’s having a happy dream! :o)

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