Strength for the Journey

Relying on God in our strange trip with Mitochondrial Disease

One more test

So while we were waiting for blood tests to come back we visited the ophthalmologist at Riley again.  We had tried one in Fort Wayne, and he was very nice, but he felt unqualified to truly meet Erin’s needs.  Dr. H saw Erin twice, and the second time he referred me back to Riley, saying that they would better be able to judge the timing of any corrective surgery she would need.  That was fine, because we really liked Dr. S at Riley a lot, but we were looking for someone closer to home than a two hour drive.  I was disappointed to have to drive so far, but I really respected Dr. H for knowing his limits and referring us to those who were more specialized.

So we trekked back down to Indy once again.

This time Dr. S said that it was time to do surgery.  We mentioned that Dr. W at Riley had talked about skin and muscle biopsies, and Dr. S said, “Oh yeah!  We do those things at the same time all the time.”  By this time we had received news that Erin’s blood test had come back ‘normal once again.  So we contacted Dr. W, and arrangements are made to do skin and muscle biopsies at the same time as Dr. S is correcting Erin’s crossed eyes.

Surgery was scheduled for April, 2010.


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